About Us

AdsJack.com, India’s advertising portal, offers a platform for Advertisers to advertise their products to reach the target audience for direct marketing. “Our main motto is to satisfy the businesses or company’s looking for ways to engage with audiences with our simple and interactive interface”. We believe videos as a powerful tool to engage with audience. Videos better conveys message, invoke emotions and will captivate more viewers longer than static text or images. With added new features to videos, we maximized the use of videos for effective branding.

Our video interface tool with analytics feature and additional beneficial features created for advertising purpose by which company’s and businesses can sell their products and services, share information and deliver ideas effectively reaching target audience. With our innovative interface medium, Internet viewers willingly watch and engage with video Ads and experience getting jack points utilizing for online shopping.

Fulfill your advertising campaign objectives
Start advertising here. Our “AdsJack simple interface tool” guides and help you advertise, run and manage your Brand Ad campaigns in an effective manner that brings you more traffic and business sales.